StoryOfAfricaA Story of Africa

Written as an entertaining read, the book recounts five years spent in Kenya in the early nineteen seventies as an Electrical Engineer with the East African Power and Lighting Co Ltd. A light-hearted but connected account of some of the incidents, observations, involvements and adventures recalled from diaries and letters and remembrances. The book chronicles the adventures of an expatriate engineer with wife, family and colleagues a generation ago, when the world was young, and Kenya in its first decade of independence. Excellent bookreviews to date. 319 pages, 26 chapters and 28 pages of photographs. (2007) Price: $20.00CN, shipping and handling extra. ISBN: 978-0-9738438-2-8. Publisher: Little Fishes Publishing

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The Making of Genesis 2
Out of print. No longer available.

The story of how a small group from the United Church of Canada brought to television a unique ministry, Genesis 2; a 30 minute program where ordinary people recounted their faith stories. On ATV each Sunday afternoon for a two seasons (13 programs), the BBM ratings recorded an audience of 35,000 each week. This book is the remarkable story of how it happened, against all odds. A fascinating, entertaining, frank and personal account of the making of Genesis 2 as seen though the eyes of the host. 122 pages, 16 chapters, 11 pages of photographs. (1984)
ISBN: 0-88999-257-6 Publisher: Lancelot Press (This book is now out of print although copies might still be located online)


Eva’s Detective Case Book

Eva was nine years old and a very bright nine year old at that. She could hardly wait to be ten, in ‘double figures’ she said, and her ‘grown up’ ambition was to be a famous detective like her Uncle Horace. He always talked about his cases with Eva but never seemed to solve many on his own. In fact she always managed to solve them for him. Here are ten such puzzling cases which she solved for him. Try them out! (Solutions at the back of the book). For ages 9 to 90. They are not easy.

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Eva’s Detective Case Book