Little Fishes Publishing

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c/o Dick Charlton
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


P: (902) 469-3551

The link to the original website which people found difficult to access because they couldn’t spell Kippernickker.  This new site should be easier.

Marijke Simons  
Marijke Simons took over the illustrating of  the Kippernickker Adventure Books when Audrey Matheson was no longer able to do so. Another long time resident of Dartmouth with popular arts classes.

The Writers Federation of Nova Scotia
Dick Charlton is a member of the The Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. Links within the site to WFNS News, Membership, WITS, Competitions and Eastword magazine

Dick Charlton’s personal WFNS page with book and CD details with ISBN number.

The wonderful (and Canada’s oldest) children’s bookshop in Halifax. Open seven days a week. The place for and about children. Explore the site.

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