Continuing Adventures

The remaining stories are written and will appear in print, or be downloadable for Kindle or audio books, as soon as possible. Keep checking this website . . .

7. The Giant of Grumm

After a secret adventure by Sarah, she takes the Kippernickker’s back to the village of Grumm, where there is a sign which says, All are welcome except giants.  This is because in a castle on the hill next to the village there lives the terrible Giant of Grumm said to eat library books for breakfast with two buckets of milk.  The Kippernickker’s are called to help capture the Giant after Mr Murdle’s four man army fail once again. With the help of a large wooden sausage on wheels they manage to get into the castle and after terrifying chases Matthew discovers the Giant is really like everybody else.

8. The Kippernickker Kid

With Matthew dressed up for a party like a Red Indian, and Jonathan trading his swords for Sarah’s bag of Gold Nuggets gum, the children go on another adventure and end up in the Western town of Honky Tonk which the Donnegan Gang have taken over. As a chain of exciting mishaps brings Jonathan to everyone’s notice, they name him The Kippernickker Kid and make him the Sheriffs deputy.  The final showdown with Donnegan comes down to a game of cards which turns out to be.  Happy Families, the only cards Sarah has. There is an exciting conclusion involving a tense game, and the Gold Nugget gum, and the final defeat of Donnegan.

9. Marmaduke’s Magic Show

Jonathan has taken up doing magic tricks, and through some twists this eventually brings the Kippernickker’s face to face with The Great Marmaduke the King’s magician. Marmaduke explains, while perpetually producing coins and fruit, that all his tricks are going wrong and he is about to be dismissed. Using a secret passage behind a picture, Matthew discovers that the two new servants from the Black Mountains, Hocus and Pocus, are sabotaging Marmaduke’s tricks to discredit him so they can steal the kings gold. The children arrange a special magic show where Jonathan’s Thought Cards finally expose Hocus and Pocus and restore Marmaduke.

10. The Secret of the Six Eggs

During the Kippernickker Easter custom of ‘jarping’ hard boiled eggs (hitting them together) one of the eggs is discovered to be made of wood and even screws open.  There is a clue inside. Circumstances take the children through the trapdoor again and to a door labeled ‘An Eggcellent Adventure’ Going through, they find themselves in olden times, meeting the village Weaver and his wife and servant girl (who is really the Princess). They learn there are six hollow eggs, one wood, one glass, one iron, one copper, one silver and one brass, each with a clue to the location of the lost Royal treasure which the wicked Baron Becklebaam is trying to find.  After chases around the castle, the children find the last egg, decode the clues, defeat the Baron, locate the Royal treasure and restore the Princess. And the eleventh adventure being written as you read this . . .